Nicky Dethridge 

There is no better feeling in the world than the joy of travel. It’s what inspires me, what continues to fascinate me and what brings so much happiness to the special people around me.

It’s also why I started this business - to connect fellow travelers with the experiences I know make life so wonderful.

My background in fashion, homewares, and interior design has helped me to filter the world for style, design and experience. I also get excited about great food and coffee wherever I go! Whilst sharing with you many of the amazing travel experiences that I have enjoyed personally in STAY, EAT, and DO, I also reveal places that have caught my keen eye in ON MY RADAR. Hopefully we can both get to these hidden gems soon!

I sincerely hope that you too will be inspired by my work to make that trip and forge more unforgettable life memories. I want you to relish the time I can save you, avoid the mistakes of poor choices and enjoy the experiences I have discovered.

I specialise in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and North America, and can create for you a bespoke, tailored itinerary (suggested STAY, EAT, DO) suited to your requirements and budget.

Please CONTACT me for further information.

Let me do the finding, so you can just GO.

I Find – You Go